“DECA has taught me that skills in the business world easily translate to other scenarios. DECA has acted as another outlet to develop better speaking and critical thinking skills. " Kathy Nganga
VP-Chairitable Donations
“DECA has helped me in so many ways; I became a better leader, a better listener, a better public speaker and a better person. DECA teaches you to think fast, to try your best, to believe in your ideas and in the case of failure, to get up and try again. 'Dream Big and Fly High' ~Girls State" Teiya Jirawitayakhom
“DECA has impacted my life in so many different ways; the largest way is my work ethic. DECA has taught me you have to work for what you want and with hard work you can achieve anything. Nothing that’s worth it comes easy." Heidi PFoor
“DECA has impacted my life immensely. I have learned so much from just 2 years of DECA. I have learned that I may want to look for a job in entrepreneurship and marketing. It has opened my eyes to the multiple jobs that I can get by using the skills I learned in DECA. Devin Short
“I’m from the East High chapter. I’m a very bubbly, spunky, and a fun living cowgirl. I live with my parents John and Barbara, my little brother Ray and my dog Tanna. With three horses and my involvement in DECA, FFA, and Skills USA, I’ve learned how to be extremely organized and work very well with people. I especially enjoy helping people in every way I can and plan on going to college to become a nurse. Stacie Pace
“DECA has transformed my life in a number of ways. Ultimately, it has made me more confident in my interpersonal skills, and has broken me out of my shell to want to pursue a career in business. DECA helps students succeed in real-life situations that prepare them for the future in anything they might do. If I were the emperor of the world, I would require every boy and girl to be in DECA. Joe Rubino

For more information on Wyoming DECA, please contact State Advisor Mary Hopper at 307.237.5471 or at mhopper_2013@yahoo.com

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