"Since I joined, I have become more confident speaking and interacting with people in a professional setting. DECA is the reason that I have made the career goals that I have and it has also caused me to meet some great people and create lasting friendships." Marissa Palm
Laramie Senior High School
"I am a Gillette native who enjoys competitive DECA, snowboarding, and spending time with friends. After high school, I plan to go to college and major in Mechanical Engineering."Brandon Okray
Campbell Co. H. S.-VP
"DECA has made me more confident in my professional self, and has given me the tools to be successful in any career situation. DECA has taken me to parts of the world I would never have had the chance to see otherwise." Emma Meyers,
Kelly Walsh H. S.-VP
"DECA has helped me become prepared for the real world. I know I have a better understanding now of what’s outside the world of high school. All the things that I learn in DECA I will be able to use after high school, unlike trying to find limits or what elements make up baking soda."Alyssa Dennis,
Evanston H. S.-VP
"Joining DECA was a great decision for me because it not only helped me improve my social skills by an abundant amount. It’s made me way way way more confident in front of people, whether I’m speaking or just walking past them! DECA has made me more competitive and easily more consistent about my work."Ashley Rodriguez,
Cheyenne South H. S.-Secretary
"DECA has given me great opportunities to compete with others and to learn about business. I really enjoy DECA, it gives me great experience to be a leader and an entrepreneur."Bethany Raver, Natrona Co.
H. S.-VP

For more information on Wyoming DECA, please contact State Advisor Mary Hopper at 307.237.5471 or at mhopper_2013@yahoo.com