Sept 12 Stock Market Game Begins
Oct 11-15 SBE (School Based Enterprise) Week
Oct 18 Virtual Business Challenge Round 1 Begins
Oct 24 MEC (Marketing and Entrepreneurship Conference)(Laramie)
Oct 28 Virtual Business Challenge Round 1 Ends
November DECA Month
Nov 17-19 Western Region Leadership Conference/Anaheim, CA
Dec 1 Community Service Campaign Due
Ethical Leadership Campaign Due
Membership Campaign Due
Promotional Campaign Due
Dec 9 Stock Market Game Ends
Jan 5 SCDC Conference Registration Due
Jan 6 Wyoming DECA Awareness Due/You be the Judge Due
Jan 12 School-Based Enterprise Certification Documentation Due
Jan 13 Student Scholarship Applications Due Online
Jan 20-25 Upload Written Entries for SCDC
Jan 17-27 On-line Testing Begins for SCDC
Jan 20 Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award Recipients Due
Jan 17 Virtual Business Challenge Round 2 Begins
Jan 27 Virtual Business Challenge Round 2 Ends
DECA Emerging Leader Honor Award Applications Deadline
Jan 31 Knowledge Matters Digital Presentation Due
Feb 1-5 Sports + Entertainment Marketing Conference (Orlando, FL)
Feb 6-7 Wyoming State Career Development Conference (Cheyenne)
Feb 13-28 ICDC Decisions Due
Mar 3 ICDC Registration + Hotel Rooming List/Hotel Deposit Due
April 6 ICDC Written Entry Submissions Due
Apr 22-25 DECA International Career Development Conference (Orlando)