Hello Wyoming DECA! My name is Grace Zhou and I am your 2023-2024 State President. I have been in DECA since freshman year and served as the Laramie Chapter Secretary from 2021-2022 and the State VP of Leadership from 2022-2023. I have competed in Quick Serve Management, Food Marketing and Retail Merchandising for my individual series and Hospitality and Tourism Team Decision making and the Hotel Virtual Business challenge for team events. My favorite DECA memories will always be the great experiences I have while travelling, competing and networking with my fellow DECA members whom I would have never become so close with if it were not for DECA. I have learned so many life skills outside of just competing such as learning how to plan and execute projects, communicate efficiently and speak clearly in a public setting. These skills have been implemented into other aspects of my life such as conquering stage fright during a violin recital, enunciating during a Speech and Debate competition or effectively leading in other organizations such as Key Club. Along with the rest of your DECA-cated state officers, I invite you to continue to DECA dominate and experience the difference this year!




Hello Wyoming DECA, I am Steven Bowen your 2023- 2024 Vice President of Hospitality.  I am going into my Senior year of High School and am looking forward to serving this year as a Wyoming state officer. A little about myself.  I am from Evanston Wyoming and have lived there all my life. I like to play football as well as martial arts. I achieved the rank of black belt last February. At first, I didn't want to do DECA but my mother said I should, and I almost didn't, but I am so glad I did.  I have made it to ICDC the past two years in Principles of Business Management, and this last year in Accounting Applications. I also compete in Business Law and Ethics TDM. I look forward to helping all of you this coming year. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Have an amazing year.





Hi Wyoming DECA! My name is Jose Galicia-Beltran from Natrona County High School, and I am your 23-24 Vice President of Marketing. I joined DECA my Sophomore year because I wanted to try it out and was recommended by my advisor. This led to me wanting to be more into DECA and later becoming the person I am right now. My favorite events that I love to compete in are the Integrated Marketing Campaign Service (IMCS) and Sports and Entertainment Role Play. My favorite memory from DECA was ICDC in Orlando. What I do during my free time is Track, Boxing, Soccer, and playing the saxophone. I look forward to connecting all of us together in Wyoming DECA and we’ll make this year memorable!




Hi Wyoming! I’m Joci Davis, the Vice President of Community Service for the year of 2023-2024. This will be my third year of DECA. DECA has become something I'm very passionate about and love being a part of. I was introduced to this organization through a marketing class. What led me to joining was hearing about all of the fun events that are put on and seeing the passion my advisor has for it. Going through the past couple of years in DECA has helped me in public speaking. When I first joined, I was very scared to speak in front of any crowd and now I’m a lot more relaxed and comfortable. This organization has taught me many life skills I will need when I get a job as an adult. My favorite memory is getting to show my community giving project at ICDC with my partner because all our hard work was getting presented and left us with a feeling of pride. I'm so excited to “experience the difference” through this upcoming year of DECA.


Hi Wyoming DECA! I am Charlie Thomas, your 2023-2024 Vice President of Leadership! I joined DECA my sophomore year after taking a marketing last freshman year, and I missed that connection I had with my marketing class. However, it led me to DECA. DECA has taught me a lot of life skills such as how to talk in front of groups of people, communicating my thoughts effectively, working as a team, and helping answer questions on the spot. Last year I was Cheyenne South’s Chapter President and it felt really good to give back to the program that made me feel welcome when I didn’t really feel I had a place. That is why I decided to run for State Office and here I am now. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, send me an email and I’d love to get back with you as soon as I can. Once again thank you for giving me this opportunity to help grow DECA in the state of Wyoming!