• DECA represents a diverse group of members, from both genders, across all ethnicities, and coming from families across all socioeconomic levels.
  • DECA students are academically prepared, demonstrating college and career readiness by pursuing challenging programs of study in high school, including Career and Technical Education programs.
  • DECA helps its members develop well-defined college and career objectives by encouraging rigorous academic curriculums and promoting professional responsibility.
  • DECA enriches the educational experiences of participating students through leadership activities, community service, and real-world learning.

How do you join DECA?

Ask your school counselor if you have a DECA program in your school and who to contact for more information. You can personally find out more about DECA by visiting DECA's national web site www.deca.org to explore the many opportunities available to you!

Starting a New DECA Chapter

DECA Inc has a great link that will give you all the information you need to get your chapter up and running. Simply click here.

Should you have any further questions or need support in any way, contact Cheryl Cranford, Wyoming Chartered Association Advisor, 307-679-1739.