Laramie High School, Laramie

The Laramie DECA Chapter is a powerhouse of service and success, embodying the true spirit of community engagement and leadership. With a dedicated focus on making a positive impact, our chapter has orchestrated an impressive array of initiatives that have left an indelible mark on the Laramie community. By collaborating with local nonprofits, the chapter has facilitated the collection, packaging, and distribution of Thanksgiving meals, extending a helping hand to those in need during the holiday season. The commitment to environmental stewardship shines through our efforts to beautify the community, as we tirelessly picked up trash to enhance the local landscape.


Innovative fundraising endeavors have also been a hallmark of the Laramie DECA Chapter. Our approach of cleaning up the Arena Auditorium not only contributed to a cleaner space but also generated vital funds for the chapter’s activities. Furthermore, partnerships with organizations like Feeding Laramie Valley underscore our dedication to addressing food insecurity head-on. Beyond these impactful collaborations, our chapter’s ability to forge connections across the community is evident in events like “trunk-or-treat,” a safe and festive alternative for Laramie’s children during Halloween. Our proactive approach to outreach is showcased in our presence at school events, where a dynamic promotional table staffed by chapter officers introduces more individuals to the transformative power of DECA.


The Laramie DECA Chapter’s vision extends beyond the present, as evidenced by our work on implementing a School-Based Enterprise (SBE) on their high school campus, fostering a legacy of learning and entrepreneurship. With a deep commitment to mentorship and community-building, we have played an instrumental role in several freshman orientations, guiding underclassmen to their classes while promoting the values of DECA. Recognizing the importance of inspiring the next generation, our chapter has reached out to middle school students, sharing the essence of DECA and sowing the seeds for future membership growth. Finally, our end-of-year banquet serves as a triumphant culmination, honoring the achievements of all DECA members and celebrating the transformative journey they have undertaken throughout the year. The Laramie DECA Chapter stands as a beacon of service, leadership, and collaboration, leaving an enduring legacy in the heart of the Laramie community.

Chapter Advisor Terrance Reese

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